arise Architects Co-operative is driven by the conviction that great communities arise out of a collective sense of belonging. They are places where people care about one another and work together to reach their shared goals. We see our role as architects to be the visionary force behind creating a meaningful built environment.

Our process of discovery involves seeking community input as we assess the implications of our architectural designs. We listen and learn about different perspectives, and we also strive to increase our understanding of our own place as members of our local communities. With this approach, we draw out the hidden potential of a project so that the completed work is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are committed to approaching every project with openness and thoughtfulness, looking to context in its various forms to inform our design. Our goal is to create enduring and sustainable design solutions that delight, inspire, and strengthen community.

Arise emerged out of the practice of J. David McAuley Architect Inc., following more than 40 years of design excellence. We are pleased to carry on the legacy of environmental stewardship, continual learning, and community engagement upon which this firm was built. We are proud to have our business model aligned with our values and practice, as Ontario’s first architectural co-operative.

Our Approach

We work cooperatively, exploring each project comprehensively to discover creative design solutions that contribute to shaping a vibrant and sustainable built environment.

Our Vision

To delight, inspire, and strengthen community through architecture.

Our Mission

We create architecture that elevates community through sustainable, visionary design.

Our Team

J. David McAuley

J. David McAuley

Receptive. Innovative. Intentional.


Danielle Gignac

Conscientious. Passionate. Determined.


Yvonne Ip

Rubber. Tree. Mover.


Crystal Hopwood

Authentic. Thoughtful. Creative.



Loving. Loyal. Dedicated.


Niagara Escarpment Award for 146 Ridge Rd. Residence.

Grimsby 2013

Gordon Couling Award by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

Guelph Community Christian School 2018

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