Peel Pentecostal Tabernacle

With its congregation size growing, Peel Pentecostal worked with us to first investigate an addition on their previous building, and finally to design and build a new church to better meet their needs, after finding a suitable and prominent site.

To provide for the diversity of needs in such a large congregation, many fellowship rooms were provided so that meetings could happen simultaneously. These rooms can also be interconnected, however, to form one large space for bigger functions, with access to a servery. Ease of movement through the church was also important for wayfinding. Rooms are organized regionally, with generous corridors connecting the offices, Christian education wing, meeting rooms, and nursery. The lounge and central foyer act as a collector space just outside of the sanctuary, easily visible and accessible from anywhere in the building. The music room and green room have direct backstage access to the sanctuary platform, facilitating the flow of worship services.

Year 2012
Size 37,300 sf
Location Brampton

This project was completed under the Certificate of Practice issued to our predecessor firm J. David McAuley Architect Inc.